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Call it social media. Call it networking. Call it team communication, small group discussion points, a group for your congregation to interact or a discussion & planning center for the worship team.

Whatever you want to get out of, the community is where it happens.

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The heart of is to help empower you in your spiritual journey, with the ultimate goal that your peers can literally “follow you, as you follow Christ” just like Paul encouraged his peers in 1 Cor 11:1.

We believe true discipleship can bring the world to the liberty of Christ…one by one.

Visual, Engaging & Accessible

The internet enables us to spread the Word of God to all the corners of the earth.

Modules are presented at your own pace, in short video sessions, along with downloadable resources. 

Translation underway in Afrikaans and Thai.


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Translation Assistance

One volunteer needed to assist in editing the translation of course material into Thai.
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