Bandcamp Disclaimer

Document effective date: 13 March 2019


Section 1: Bandcamp Indemnity for Minors
Section 2: Bandcamp Rules and Terms & Conditions
Section 3: Bandcamp Disclaimer Information


Section 1: Indemnity For Minors

Should your group consist of any minors in legal terms (also referred to below as “child” or “children”), the following indemnity form must be completed for each minor attending and submitted to us on the day of arrival.
I understand that no child will be allowed to attend without a signed indemnity form which needs to be submitted upon booking or at the day of arrival.
Please highlight the “Indemnity” section and print if you are unable to fill it out electronically.

Indemnity Start

Indemnity Form

  1. I consent to my child attending this camp. I understand that although safety is regarded a priority at Bandcamp, the activities that my child may engage in always carry risks and dangers that could result in damage to property or persons. I consent to my child participating in such activities and agree to accept all risks to my child and his / her property involved in his / her participation in such activities.
  2. I waive any and all claims that I may have against the venue owners, volunteers, employees, partners, co-hosts, agents, guests, drivers or anyone else associated with Bandcamp on any ground whatsoever including in particular, but without limiting the generality thereof, any claim based on their negligent act or omission, or that of any person or persons for whose negligence they may be liable.
  3. I indemnify this camp and their volunteers, employees, partners, co-hosts or agents against any claim which my child may make, or which may be made on behalf of my child, against this camp and their volunteers, employees, partners, owners or agents on any ground whatsoever including in particular, but without limiting the generality thereof, any claim based on their negligent act or omission, or that of any person or persons for whose negligence they may be liable.
  4. I agree that my child will be bound by the rules of Bandcamp and Terms & Conditions. I authorize the staff member(s) under whose care my child is at the time to reprimand my child should he / she not obey these rules, or act in an unbecoming manner.
  5. I authorize the camp director or a member of the staff or volunteer under whose care my child is at the time to act in my place as parent with full authority to consent to my child undergoing any surgical or other medical treatment should this be or become necessary while at the camp and should not be reasonably possible to obtain my consent timeously. I acknowledge that I will be responsible for the payment of any medical, hospital or associated accounts that may be incurred by the camp in doing so.
  6. I declare that my child is in good health. However, the person who is responsible should note any medical information recorded on the booking form.


Parent’s name & surname______________________________________
Child’s name & surname_______________________________________

Date Signed______/______/_______

Parent/Guardian’s Signature______________________ Signed at_________________

Indemnity End



I understand that full payment must be made with the booking and that no refunds will be granted upon cancellation. In such a case, any payment already made towards Bandcamp will be allocated towards sponsorship of persons who are unable to afford it by themselves.

This section includes the following terms and conditions:
. a)  Booking deposits are to be paid as per the quotation accepted – this deposit will be offset against the final invoice. This payment secures your booked dates, providing that full and final payment is received by the deadline, which is the last day of the month prior to Bandcamp (i.e. 31 August for Bandcamp 2019). Upon failure to settle the full amount by this date, Bandcamp reserves the right to cancel your booking and sponsor any monies you paid towards Bandcamp as mentioned above.

. b)  Bandcamp may permit a client to do a smaller deposit for a certain period until the full amount can be paid. Currently the following options are available:
Option 1: 100% Full payment upfront. (In this case, groups of 1 up to 3 persons will receive the same discount as groups of 4 or more. This amounts to a 20% discount.)
Option 2: 50% Deposit, followed by 2x equal monthly payments (booking must be fully paid by the deadline referred to in section “a)” above. (In this case, groups of 1 up to 3 persons will receive a 10% discount from full price.)
Option 3: 25% Deposit, followed by 2x equal monthly payments (booking must be fully paid by the deadline referred to in section “a)” above.

For your convenience, our enrolment form contains automated estimations based on information you provide, so we will manually review your enrollment. These costs might indeed be correct, but just incase, we will send you an invoice with the final amount.

If you made any payment already, any discrepancy in the total amount will be handled as follows:

Invoice amount is more than the original projection on this form: Please make payment of the new amount.

Invoice amount is less than the original projection on this form: We will refund the difference promptly as soon as your payment has cleared in our bank account.

. c)  If numbers change between the date of quotation and the date of the camp, this must be finalized at least 21 days before the camp. The invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

. d)  Final payment is required no later than 21 days before Bandcamp’s starting date. After this payment has been made, numbers can no longer be decreased but may be increased.

. e)  Should the final payment not be made within the deadline, late payment charges may apply and you may lose the booking without refund at the sole discretion of Bandcamp management. Please see payments for more info.

. f)  Children aged 12 and younger stay for free provided that at least one parent is present on the camp for the full duration.


. a)  An event is described as reducing the booking when the value of the camp is reduced by either reducing the minimum number of people, or reducing the services to be supplied, or shortening the duration of the event, or supplementing services for cheaper services.

. b)  The client may reduce the booking provided that at least 21 days’ notice is given and the full payment has not yet been made.

. c)  Only groups larger than 10 people may reduce bookings.

. d)  No refunds will be granted for non-arrivals or reduced numbers after payment has been made.


a) Postponement of a camp is defined as: the arrangement for the camp to take place at a later date than the date at which it was originally booked.

. b)  A postponement shall only be made more than 60 days prior to the start of the camp.

. c)  Once the postponement is confirmed, the original dates will be released and any liability 
for these dates would also be released.


. a)  The client may cancel the camp and in so doing the following cancellation charges would be applicable:

. b)  Should a booking be postponed within 60 days of the camp it will be treated as a cancellation and a new deposit would be required, unless postponement is done by Bandcamp management.

. c)  Should a booking be cancelled after any payment has been made, the client will forfeit the full amount and no refund will be granted.

. d)  Should a booking be cancelled within 30 days or less before due date of arrival, not only will the deposit be forfeited but the client will also be liable for 50% of the remaining balance outstanding.


. a)  Cheques will not be accepted.

. b)  There is a late payment charge of 10% per week if the final payment is not done at least 21 days before arrival, if management chooses not to use their right to cancel the booking as stipulated in the section “BOOKINGS AND DEPOSITS”.

. c)  Should the final payment not be received 5 days before the camp is due to start the booking will automatically be cancelled and the client will be liable for the full balance outstanding.

. d)  The full rate as per enrolment form will be applied to these invoices and any discounts or concessions granted will be reversed.

. e)  Bank charges for foreign currency payments and cash deposits will be for the client’s account.


. a)  While Bandcamp includes breakfast and lunch at no additional cost, afternoon snacks and dinner will be available for sale. Self-catering is permitted for dinner and braai equipment is allowed. Bandcamp will not provide any equipment, facilities or cutlery relating to self catering. The boma (bonfire) area may be used to prepare food only while it is not used for official Bandcamp activities.

. b)  We cannot promise to set the menu as per your desires, but medical allergies may be specified by the client for our consideration.

. c)  Changes made to the menu may carry additional costs.

. d)  Our standard meal times are 07:00 to 08:30 and 12H30 to 13:30.

. e)  Any meal service starting before 07:00 or after 13:00 may at Karee Krans’ discretion incur an extra charge for labour costs.


Evening sessions and special sessions such as the “48hour worship” session is open to non-delegates at no charge. An opportunity will be given to sow into this ministry, which will be used toward covering costs and/or organising of future Bandcamps.

Any person entering the site to participate in the program, but not sleeping over is considered a Day Visitor. Day Visitors are required to report to the registration desk upon their arrival and pay in advance (cash only) for the number of days they will attend.

This section includes the following terms and conditions:

. a)  Please note that bookings are given to the delegates from 09:00 on first day to 12:00 on the day after conclusion (i.e. Monday, 30 September 2019 @ 12:00 for Bandcamp 2019).

. b)  The client will be permitted to stay in the assigned locantion for the full period unless they have been asked to vacate the premises based on non-compliance of this document.

. c)  If there is a time limited back-to-back booking, we will require the client to ensure the area is vacated by 10H00 to allow time to prepare for the delegate.

. d)  Should the client require earlier access, Bandcamp may be able to assist subject to availability. In such case, locations may be made available but the site may not be fully cleaned and set-up and therefore may not be available until 14:00.

. e)  Should the client desire to stay later than the stipulated times, this may be permitted by prior arrangement and subject to availability.

. f)  Should the delegates vacate later than the times stipulated without such arrangement, a day’s rate may be charged for each person.

. g)  Unless expressly arranged with management, arrival must be no later than 17:30 and entry may be denied after this time. Entry might only be allowed at 8h00am the following day and any money paid for the first day will be forfeited by the client.

. h)  If arriving in separate vehicles, all vehicles are required to report to the registration station upon arrival.


While we may have one or more security guards and/or guard dogs on the premises for the duration of Bandcamp, the following terms and conditions are applicable:

. a)  Safety precautions and/or medical assistance during unofficial activities is the responsibility of the client, as well as to keep a watchful eye over the children.

. b)  Although our staff may be trained in first aid, first aid remains the client’s responsibility.

. c)  Tampering with safety equipment is against the law (ie: the fire extinguishers, alarms and security equipment) and will be subject to a fine of R1000. In such a case, Bandcamp reserves the right to refuse the client access to any facilities or the premises as a whole.

. d)  The clients agree to take responsibility for their participants and duly indemnify Bandcamp 
against any loss, theft, damage, injury howsoever arising.

. e)  The facilities are used at own risk, and all activities are done at own risk.

. f)  Facilitators are responsible for guiding the activities and are only on duty during activity times. During meal times, free times and evenings the clients are responsible for all accompanying children.

. g)  Parents or authorized adults are expected to go along on activities to help supervise the children and ensure safety.

. h)  All children and supervisors are required to bring along a completed indemnity form. This must be given to us upon arrival. Should anyone not have a completed form they will not be allowed to attend Bandcamp and will be asked to leave. Transport costs will be the responsibility of the client and no refunds will be given.


. a)  Please encourage campers to bring torches, as we do not permit candles for safety reasons.

. b)  Our water pumps are affected by power surges from time to time. Should you experience a problem with no water pressure or cold water please notify us and we will attend to the problem immediately.

. c) There may be a limit to the electricity supply. No appliance with heating elements such as heaters / hairdryers etc; are permitted. This could result in an overload on the circuit, causing the power to trip. Ladies who need to use a hairdryer must do so for short periods of time, limited to a maximum of 5 minutes per day.

. d)  Sewerage: We have the French drain sewerage system and guests are requested not to flush foreign objects that could cause blockages. This includes sanitary material. Unfortunately, many guests do not adhere to these rules and blockages do occur. We will attend to these as soon as we are notified.

. e)  Please note that our cellular signal may be intermittent with certain networks getting better signal than other networks. It is not the responsibility to provide any means of communication to clients.

Laundry Facilities

No facilities are available to campers unless there is an emergency.  Please ensure you bring enough clothing, bedding or other laundry to last you the entire time. Please indicate any special requests on the medical section of your enrolment form. We will endeavour to accommodate your request if possible, but we are under no obligation to comply with any such request.

Other Disclaimer Information

Attending Bandcamp implies that you and every person attending with you (including children and/or their legal guardians) agree to all terms and conditions stipulated in this entire document, as well as any other terms & conditions or legal terms of the site where this document or your enrolment form is hosted, including the following and any other conditions that may be deemed appropriate by Bandcamp management at their sole discretion:

a) You shall not engage in any conduct of action that may be harmful, discrediting, discriminating, defamatory, physically or emotionally damaging to any representative of Bandcamp or any other client, delegate, guest or attendee of Bandcamp or the premises on which it is hosted. Bandcamp and its representatives shall not be held liable for any such conduct or action that any person performs against you for any reason whatsoever.

b) You shall not engage in any illegal or morally questionable activity or action whatsoever, nor shall Bandcamp or its representatives be held liable for any such action that is performed by anyone else during Bandcamp.

c) You shall not possess, introduce, supply, carry, suggest, act or take part in any of the following, including any other item or deed that Bandcamp deems unfit in their sole discretion:
Alcohol, pornography, sexual harrassment, stalking, sexual conduct or deeds, inappropriate actions, inappropriate nudity, fowl language, recreational drugs, marijuana (medical or other), destruction of property, defamation, addictive substances or substances that may impair the safety or cognitive ability of yourself or any other person. Bandcamp and its representatives shall not be held liable for the presence of any such act or item by anyone whatsoever.

d) You shall not act in any way that may disrupt any session or workshop presented during Bandcamp, neither shall you engage in any conduct that is contrary to the principles of God’s Kingdom and His Word. You shall submit to any person who is in authority over you during Bandcamp, which includes guest speakers, volunteers, staff, management and pastors involved with the execution of Bandcamp. This submission shall include that you adhere when it is asked of you to be quiet or to leave any venue on the premises or the premises itself.

e) You agree that any payment made towards bandcamp is non-refundable and should you not attend Bandcamp for any reason stipulated in this document or otherwise, the monies paid by you shall be used according to the terms stipulated in the section “BOOKINGS AND DEPOSITS”.

f) You shall not take anything that does not belong to you, for which you do not have express authorization by the owner of such item, either temporarily or permanently (herin after referred to as theft). You shall not copy or infringe on the copyright of any individual or entity, whether attending or representing Bandcamp or otherwise. This includes music, lyrics, songs, video recordings and productions, audio recordings and productions, words or any other media that may be subject to copyright in training material or any other medium. Bandcamp and its representatives shall not be liable for any such theft, infringement, fraudulent behaviour or any related action, whether committed against you or anyone else, for any reason whatsoever.

g) You undertake to inform any official Bandcamp representative of any breach of any terms contained in this document or relating to it, as soon as is reasonably possible after you have become aware of any such act. It is best to report such incidents with facts and proof wherever possible. Bandcamp and its representatives shall not be held liable for any repercussions, including litigation or costs involved, that may occur as a result of you committing or reporting any such act.

h) You agree that breach of any of the terms contained in this document and/or legal terms supplied by the host or site where this document or the enrolment form is contained, may result in us asking you to vacate the premises either temporarily or permanently, at the sole discretion of the representatives of Bandcamp. You also agree that you will comply with any such request, failing which we reserve the right to use any legal means necessary to enforce such a request. You further agree that you will be liable for any costs involved in enforcing such a request. Bandcamp will not be liable for requesting or enforcing such request, both legally, financially and/or otherwise, and you will not be entitled to a refund or monetary value of any sort.