Getting to know your WordPress Website

On this page you’ll find a bunch of tutorials that should assist you in managing your website effectively.

Even the new “Gutenberg” editor (introduced in WordPress 5.0) is explained quite in depth.

On Gutenberg: While we have experienced our fair share of challenges with this new editor, Gutenberg is here to stay and we can confirm that most of the initial bugs and incompatibilities have been fixed. (At the time of writing, WordPress has since evolved to version 5.3.2 and Gutenberg version 7.0)

We’ve given you the ability to select the classic editor instead of the Gutenberg Block editor. However, we strongly suggest getting familiar with Gutenberg, even if you plan to utilize more user-friendly builders such as Elementor. Here’s why…

More and more site builders are incorporating Gutenberg integration rather than replacement, so it really is impossible to say how deeply Gutenberg will be integrated into your own website in the near future.

If you have trouble understanding anything not covered in these videos, please let us know in the comments section below. We will attempt to publish a tutorial as soon as possible.

Nice To Know…

All our standard tutorial videos appear dynamically!

What does this mean?

While creating or editing a post or page, you will notice tutorial videos relevant to working with a post or page in the sidebar on the right.

At the same time, if you are on pages like Appearance => Widgets etc. and you need a bit of help, simply click the “Help” menu item and the relevant videos will appear there!

Your Tutorial Videos

[wpmudev-video group=”dashboard” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

As a security benefit, if you signed in using Facebook or Google, you will probably find that you cannot change your password from within This is because sensitive information like that would usually not be passed on by these services.

One more reason for actually suggesting that you use those services to log in to our site.

[wpmudev-video group=”posts” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

Please note that Revisions and Restoring of posts and pages are currently turned off due to a significant impact on website performance. Until this is address by the WordPress community at large, we plan to keep it this way. Your user experience is important to us!

[wpmudev-video group=”pages” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”gutenberg” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”editor” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”images” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”media” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”appearance” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”organizing” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”comments” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

[wpmudev-video group=”other” show_title=”1″ height=”480px”]

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